Kobe Bento (prices does not include salad)

Futomaki: Philadelphia, salmon – 6 pieces
Uramaki: baked salmon – 5 pieces
Hosomaki: surimi – 8 pieces
One soup

You can choose from:
– Misoshiru soup with tofu and goma wakame
– Fish soup with salmon and vegetables

You can add Wakame salad only for 2.50 zł

The meal comes with ginger, wasabi and 3 sauces.
You can choose from:
Soy, teriyaki and spicy mayo sauce.



extra ginger 3.00 zł extra wasabi 2.00 zł soy sauce 3.00 zł teriyaki sauce 3.00 zł spicy mayo sauce 3.00 zł gastronomic additive 5.00 zł sparkling water 4.00 zł still water 4.00 zł pepsi 0.5l 5.00 zł 7up 0.5l 5.00 zł
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